The AquaCove

Take a break from daily stress and escape to a tropical world as you look upon bright-red shrimp while they swim and graze on algae.

Quality Glass
Crushed Sand
Natural Coral
Live Shrimp

how it works

The AquaCove is a self-sustaining ecosystem.
No feeding or cleaning necessary.

Shrimp eat algae

This species, called Halocaridina Rubra, produces less waste than it consumes and acts as a buffer to its' environment.

Algae grows back

Inside each aquarium is a living, breathing ecosystem that transforms waste into food, over and over, in a recurring cycle.

The cycle repeats

It’s just like our Earth, on a micro-scale. That gives you more time to enjoy without the hassle of cleaning up!

The Benefits

A minute or two of watching a calm, natural ecosystem is enough to leave you feeling replenished and ready for whatever comes next.

More Time

The AquaCove is entirely self-sustaining, letting you get back to work and freeing up your time in the process

More Fun

Watching shrimp live and grow is really interesting. They're not the typical pet and they have quite the personality!

More Money

This purchase is easy on your wallet. There's no extra filter, food, or gadgets to buy. Just the AquaCove and you're ready to go!

Less Hassle

This is by far the easiest pet you will ever care for. No need to clean the tank, change the water, or bathe your shrimp

Less Worry

You can take that vacation without asking your neighbors to babysit your pet shrimp. Unless they're as weird as you, in that case go ahead!

Less Lonesome

No more feeling lonely at your desk. Shrimp make great friends, and they're great listeners. I tell my shrimp everything

Attractive Design

The curved glass enclosure ensures that all angles receive light and show interesting features of the mini-habitat

Air-Tight Glass

Even after months, the water level remains generally the same. You may need to add a few spoonfuls a year

Fits Anywhere

On a desk, on a shelf, or a windowsill, our jars fit almost anywhere! They're delightfully compact and work well in small spaces


Our shrimp are bred sustainably in our aquaculture facility using renewable energy, all materials are natural!


AquaCoves can last for years, and even longer for larger enclosures as the shrimp survive through successive generations


You can basically take them anywhere you want to go. No need to call someone to babysit your shrimp! They love vacations

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Amazing Shrimp

They're so special that NASA dedicated a research program to learn about how they are able to live so long in such small spaces. Click here for info.

The Perfect Gift

Most people who buy one for themselves end up buying several more for their friends. The AquaCove is a great gift for almost anyone. Kids love having a pet (and parents love it too). These miniature aquariums bring new life to your work environment and work well as a conversation starter.

Great for Weddings

Brighten up your wedding arrangement with an attractive set of miniature aquariums! Your guests will be asking all night about them. Surely another way to make your wedding stick in their memory for a lifetime.


Here's what a few of our many customers had to say
about their AquaCove experience

Well-designed and very nice to look at. Perfect for desk or shelf decoration. The best thing is it's so easy to take care of - just put it down and enjoy. Also makes a perfect gift. Everyone I gave this to loves it!

Pin A.

I Love my AquaCove and have had it for years. It's the perfect gift and I have given many - much to my friends' delight. Wonderful pets and Zero maintenance! I have it on my desk and watch the shrimp swim every day.

Amy W.

The AquaCove really adds life to my cubical and has improved my work environment! A fantastic purchase that I cannot recommend enough to friends and family!

Steve L.

I love the AquaCove so much! It brings peace for a few minutes as you watch the adorable shrimp run around and hide. It's a must buy for anyone! :)

Skyla S.

Fantastic miniature aquarium for your desk. Provides a nice bit of life in the land of cubicles. The glass container is very nice and comes with a solid glass lid as well. Very happy with my purchase.

Neil M.

The AquaCove is an awesome little tank! The Opae shrimp are healthy, active and beautiful, and the miniature coral reef in the tank is so cool to look at!

Laura W.


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What is the AquaCove?

The AquaCove is a fully-contained, self-sustaining, miniature aquarium (or ecosystem) - it is an elegant piece of nature that sits comfortably on your desktop while you work, or anywhere at home.

Do I have to clean it?

You do not have to clean the jar. However, over time algae may build up on the inside of the glass, but it's not necessary. A supply of algae is the food source for the shrimp and is not harmful in large quantities.

Do I have to feed it?

Normally, no. But, this depends - if there is not a noticeable quantity of algae (brown or green) it may help to feed the shrimp.

How long will it survive?

Shrimp in AquaCoves can survive a few years (3+) if kept in the proper environment. Larger units can last longer (10+ years) through successive generations.

Will they reproduce?

Shrimp inside the AquaCove will most likely not reproduce. In larger environments, they will breed quite readily and can survive through generations!

What happens if a shrimp dies?

If you notice a pale, gray skeleton at the bottom, this is actually the molted exoskeleton and a sign of a healthy shrimp! Otherwise, it is normal for shrimp to die over time - their bodies become a part of the life cycle.

I don't see my shrimp, where are they?

It's normal for shrimp to hide. Over time you should see them grazing and swimming casually. If you have not seen them for more than two weeks - try opening the lid and lightly nudging the coral/rock inside to see if they come out. Moving the jar or coral inside is stressful, so only do it if necessary.

How can I clean the inside of the glass?

We have a small magnetic attachment that is great for cleaning glass. If you didn't receive one, please let us know:

Work. Life. Balance.

Never before has it been this easy to breathe life into your workspace. Our miniature aquariums are the perfect gift for friends, family, and coworkers.

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Desktop Oasis


Miniature Aquarium

$69$49 Early bird offer

The AquaCove is a miniature aquarium that fits perfectly on your desk, table, or shelf. It's a self-sustaining ecosystem. No feeding or cleaning necessary.

Desktop Oasis


Miniature Aquarium

$69$49 Early bird offer

The AquaCove is a miniature aquarium that fits perfectly on your desk, table, or shelf. It's a self-sustaining ecosystem. No feeding or cleaning necessary.

Desktop Oasis


Miniature Aquarium

$69$49 Early bird offer

The AquaCove is a miniature aquarium that fits perfectly on your desk, table, or shelf. It's a self-sustaining ecosystem. No feeding or cleaning necessary.