Fits comfortably on your desk

*Easy Care – No Filters, No Water Changes, No Feeding

The AquaCove

The AquaCove

A Miniature Aquarium

The AquaCove by Desktop Oasis is a special type of aquarium: it’s compact, contains live animals, and it’s maintenance free!

By maintenance free, we mean: NO WATER CHANGES and NO FILTERS.

How is that possible?  Inside each aquarium is a living, breathing ecosystem that transforms waste into food, over and over, in a recurring cycle.  It’s just like our Earth, on a micro-scale.
That gives you more time to enjoy, without the hassle of cleaning up!

Take a break from daily stress and escape to a tropical world as you look upon bright-red shrimp while they swim and graze on algae. A minute or two of watching a calm, natural ecosystem is enough to leave you feeling replenished and ready for whatever comes next.

What’s Inside?

  1. Quality Glass Enclosure – Holds 30-60 fluid ounces, around 4″ Diameter x 6″ Height. Comes with air-tight lid.
  2. Natural Coral – Real coral skeletons. Comes pre-seeded with beneficial bacteria and algae. Sourced in the USA and cultured at Desktop Oasis.
  3. Live Shrimp – Bright red Opae Ula (Hawaiian for “Red Shrimp”). Shrimp are bred sustainably at Desktop Oasis. Your purchase helps us maintain our facility and keeps the species alive!
  4. Fine Crushed Sand – Finely crushed white-pink sand comes pre-washed, sourced in the USA.

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